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astrology doesn't cost the earth




Jupiter offers new opportunities in the months ahead as long as you are prepared to work as a team.  Joining groups, organisations and networking outlets can help you meet with important and influential people who aid your ambitions and expand your outlook.

Social life should start to flower in new directions till May, with some back tracking mid-June to mid-July, but from August till the end of the year make sure you grasp all offers to expand your interests. Charity work linked with sporting activities, education or benevolent activities are a source of good social contact along with a potential to improve income. Overseas projects and links may also be a source of good luck after mid-year.

Finances are under siege for the first month; avoid impulsive spending as you will regret it later.

Venus brings loved ones your way who will cooperate and help you feel nourished from 24th March till mid-April, for singles this could also bring an admirer your way. Buying clothes and accessories to brighten up your image can improve self-image and confidence. August also looks loving followed by passionate times in September with a warning to avoid aggravating disputes leading into October.




Both Jupiter and Saturn conspire to make you turn around your status and overhaul your priorities when planning work and where you spend your energy. Saturn makes you work harder and pay attention to detail as well as encouraging a more constructive approach to projects. Reach out to groups and make use of networks and organisations now the pandemic is less likely to threaten such connections. Be confident of attracting some experts and well placed individuals who can aid your goals.

You have been less reliable and possibly more erratic than usual which leaves you often uncertain of the value of decisions or actions you have taken. January delivers a sudden electric shock to your system with both Mars and Uranus compelling you to wake up and take notice of options and choices which might better serve your physical and psychological and health needs. Avoid overdoing things, don't miss annual health checks and do pay attention to that all important blood pressure at this time.

April brings a time of self-indulgence with the last few weeks promising a brief but wonderful encounter with someone who lifts your spirits.

Finances could be running away from control with unexpected expense often connected to transport and travel. Beware thieves and watch carefully what visitors are doing around the home and makes sure insurance is up to date.




Travel may have been restricted due to the pandemic and this will have left you frustrated and feeling fate is holding you back at a time in life when getting out and about is one of your major needs. Health and well-being is generally unreliable but by now you should be aware that going along with the flow can sometimes deliver interesting experiences.

Jupiter is poised to fetch some positive influences in the year ahead. New children arrive in the family to fill gaps left by lost loved ones and celebrations suspended last year can now be enjoyed. As months unfold you will develop a new feeling of optimism and can begin to plan for a new and better future. Where fear and foul play may have haunted you last year a subtle realisation of a guardian angel on your shoulder helps uplift you and gives strength to rise above any adversity but do take extra care of health of yourself and male associates around 10th June.

March sees you argumentative, even passionate, while May to June fetch cravings for greater intimacy with loved ones. October delivers a surprise turnaround when you decide to examine relationships more closely and choose to detach yourself to make important choices. Take special care of male associates around 12th June




Overseas contacts and travel feature for the year ahead with distant shores luring you to fly to hot sun and soft sand and leave all covid cares behind. Finances allow trips to foreign resorts; though take care of how you spend money in January.

May delivers some sweet dreams and perhaps a holiday romance while June sees you shopping for little luxuries and new outfits to help you look and feel good. You can be a bit of a dreamer but this helps keep you upbeat with constant action replays in your imagination helping you plan for the best future whilst also preparing for the worst scenario.

You'll be drawn more to the occult side of life in 2021 with visits to seers and prophets of the future who can help you see through the mists of time. Relationships will be less stable or reliable making you seek out help or guidance from anyone who promises a glimpse of things to come.

June is the best month for attracting the person of your dreams while February is not smooth running where love is concerned. April could bring a reunion with a previous partner, while 24th June delivers a spotlight on females around you who can be nurturing and helpful.




Most Leo's are business oriented and can excel in arts and entertainment fields. The year ahead sees you associating and forming partnerships with important people who can enhance your ambitions in any field you choose to prowl around. Make the most of trends supporting meeting new contacts and growing in new ways they can spur you into exploring. It is a jungle out there but clearly you can be king of anywhere with trends now shaping up to eliminate competitors. Take a safari ride Leo.

January helps your psyche when the spotlight shines on you, while July and August are months when relationships and newly formed business partnerships present fields of possibility for you to take advantage of.

Finances face a downturn end of February but you always have reserves to call upon in case of such emergencies. Clearly there is never enough to suit your desires but certainly there is enough in the kitty to survive the worst drought. Income potential will be a source of concern for most of the year as you try to repair pandemic holes in the purse.

July is a time when admiration comes your way and when you will be preening that mane and attracting a few potential love links to make you purrrr...




Domestic life may not be as comforting as usual for you possibly due to so much confinement with lockdowns and confusing tier regulations, perhaps also due to unwelcome domestic visitors you need help to eradicate. Planetary configurations augur a time when you need to detach from home comforts and pleasures and take a broader view of what is waiting out there for you to enjoy in the big wide world.

For sure career and social position are out of control leaving you wondering how you can ever regain former status and make headway in a manner you would like to become accustomed to. Rules and regulations are easy for you to play along with, but difficult to detect or constrain forces can get in the way of your progress. This is likely to continue in the year ahead with some events to savour so don't despair.

July brings sweet dreams and some self-indulgences, while August sees you motivated, if not passionate, with a desire to chase exactly what you want and not allowing anyone or anything to stand in your way.

Relationships are rather unusual and for some Virgo's this could mean non-traditional liaisons with partners living separate lives in ways that suit both your needs and preferences.




2021 has some exciting celebrations for you to share with family and friends helping you put the lockdown tears and tests making you feel life is worth living once more.

Some good trends augur attending functions and meeting old associates as well as making new acquaintances and potential new friends.

Attending training courses or taking up a course of study may also be of interest and a springboard to a new career or interest. Spare time could also be productively spent taking up new sporting activities or else joining in charitable enterprises where you not only feel your efforts are worthwhile but also bring you into close contact with interesting, educated and influential people.

Romance is also likely to lift your spirits with a flirtation March-April and a makeover in August helping you look and feel good when that flirtatious individual again looks your way.

The year ahead looks good for you and full of excitement and pleasurable outlets to boost your feeling that life can only get better.




Domestic life is emphasised as an area of importance needing constant attention. Whether renting, owning or engaging in property development much attention to detail demanded by these affairs will distract from other areas of life.

Relatives and friends you normally share your domestic life with may seem distant remote, or absent altogether as events overtake their lives creating a distance between you. Career progress may not be as successful as you would like and this also impacts upon domestic issues, adding to concern.

On a positive note travel for brief away stays can give a new ay of looking at things while overhauling your lifestyle and trying to improve your living environment would provide a constructive way of creating changes that help you feel more in control.

Dietary habits do need care. Avoid artificial nourishment and prioritise natural foods to keep yourself healthy. Also take care with additive and questionable health remedies that could involve chemical intakes.

Best times for love are September when it comes knocking, and expect a sudden brief encounter to set your heart racing mid-April.




You are such a wild horse racing to get things done but if you withdraw from the race how much do you feel you would have won? Life is making you think more carefully about the way you behave, the people you mix with as well as your appearance and impact upon others.

2021 is a year to explore independence and initiate new pathways to tread as well as learning new interests.

You often speak without thinking first but currently you have learned to take more care about the effect you have on others. You seem to be in detached mode on the one hand but on another level you crave intimacy so desperately you often drive away those you seek to rein in.

Friends from foreign places intrique you in the year ahead and you are ready to learn about different ways of life and cultures foreign to your own. This can help you develop new ideas and work with fascinating projects that fulfil your need to explore new horizons.

October sees you getting yourself a makeover with admirers in the wings with compliments to share. May is also a time when you realise some measure of satisfaction in close relationships.

Finances need care around third week in June.




Family affairs are important to you in 2021 as are financial issues that need you to take another look at how money is spent and what your priorities are. It could be family situations change in unexpected ways demanding a new look at how to apportion shared money and resources.

You are likely to develop and interest in recycling or remodeling old items for new uses and could put this to profitable purpose. Antiques and heirlooms also become a source of interest and cash in the attic a mission of sometimes overriding importance.

You are careful with how you use resources also how you take care of them and can be particularly skilful at re-purposing which also helps you develop new employable skills.

A warning exists to be careful of diet and not eat old or stale food as you are prone this year to digestive problems. A maternal influence steps in around June to help you focus on your health and appearance.

Those goats looking for love or to consolidate it can be confident that from November until into the New Year luck is on your side and romance is all around you.





Both Saturn and Jupiter travel your birth sign in 2021 auguring some eventful times that will be life changing. On the one hand Saturn in this position always demands an overhaul of behaviour traits no longer serving any real or meaningful purpose and which may also be holding you back.

Jupiter provides opportunities for growth, learning and expanding talents so as you begin to throw off the shackles of old inappropriate patterns of responding to life and events, you can gain awareness of better ways of engaging with new situations that circumstances bring your way.

The year ahead fetches amazing opportunities to attract new ideas and interests and people who share them and can provide important and memorable experiences that force you to take a different look on life and what it has to offer. Get ready to grow.

Finance can be a little confused and confusing even without the pandemic influence, try keep spending to essentials and leave desirables for when money is under your control again.

Look out for love in February, share romance in July and in May plan exciting outings to indulge those you care about.




You are such a dreamer but such stuff are film producers and major stars made of. Of course you know you are the best but how to get others to see that too? Keep on dreaming and scheming and I'm sure you will come up with an answer, or a good book that could earn you a pound or two......

Back in the real world the home front is in need of a declutter and that caravan existence with away days seems to be a good way of avoiding housework and daily chores but then it may even be you have had builders in and they have left such am mess.......I share your despair.....however until you clear out the unwanted you will find it increasingly harder to instal what you ordered and feel more in control.

Jupiter is planning a few parties for the year ahead and trips to foreign shores but with a warning to not trust every offer or new opportunity presented as you can easily be fooled into parting with money with nothing to show for it. Take care.

Love comes knocking on your heart end of February until mid-March while mid-July to mid-August is a good time to expect greater harmony in relationships.

























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