astrology doesn't cost the earth
astrology doesn't cost the earth

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Updated for August 2016

My 2016 Long Range Weather forecasts for West Yorks N Yonder now available at  Find out what weather has in store.

This is the website of Yorkshire astrologer and astro-meteorologist Tricia, providing quality readings over forty years and 80-90% sometimes 100% accurate long range UK weather forecasts for over 15yrs.

Please note SEO sellers CANNOT be responded to due to the high volume of daily requests.

Learn astro meteorology and  UK weather forecasting. Access FREE lessons from the astro meteorology page, researched by UK Astro-meteorologist Tricia:-

Visit  or for examples of previous long range UK weather forecasts for West Yorks.



FREE WEEKLY SUN SIGNS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU. Just click the link for MATURE TIMES  to visit Tricia's free weekly fun sun signs to keep ahead of the planetary trends.



FREE edition of a global ONLINE ASTROLOGY MAGAZINE, written by astrologers for astrologers in over 100 countries with many of my own articles published over the years


Visit Tricia's innovative and original feature on the LEEDS ASTROLOGICAL CHART, a first for Leeds, the only city currently to have its own astrological chart on the web since early 2005. Click to visit this ''world first'' feature on the BBC website. Tell Tricia if you found another city chart featured on the web before 2005.

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astrology doesn't cost the earth