astrology doesn't cost the earth
astrology doesn't cost the earth


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The following weather forecasters are some of the best on the planet delivering excellence in weather forecasting primarily using planetary info and the rules of astrology expertly applied:




Follow this link to read  US expert Ken Paone's amazing, colourful, lively, brilliant and often humourous look at the world's weather and events:- I don't know where Ken gets the energy from!


Ken Ring, the amazing wise man of the weather forecasting community, so accurate he causes faces to blush and much controversy amongst those who can't believe how accurate his global year ahead weather forecasting is. A truly amazing gent from New Zealand and you can buy copies of his forecasts for any country:-


Keera in Norway has a blogspot about the weather there just in case any of you Brits are thinking of visiting in the next few weeks:-


Rolf in Switzerland for those wishing to look up the weather before setting off to ski:-




ASTROWIN at    Allen Edwall offers some amazing FREE astrology programmes and I use his FREE ''astrowin'' and FREE ''aspectarian'' programmes to produce my weather forecasts which achieve a frequent 100% success in forecasting weather, due to the fantastic help Allen gives when I need it. His contribution to ensuring astrologers old and new succeed in getting good programmes that do not cost the earth, is something I truly appreciate. Visit to see a full range of EXCELLENT programmes that do not cost the earth.... Thanks Allen:-) is the web's most complete astrology resource centre. Find astrologers by name, location or speciality. Find astrology organisations, conferences, classes and an excellent selection of astrology products.  offer one of  the best astrology programme ever devised for astrologers, and you can get the excellent basic programme for FREE.   Manjunath is a diligent and highly competent astrologer, also interested in financial astrology, and operates from America Chandrashekhar is a truly excellent Vedic astrologer with many years of experience and a sound knowledge of this ancient and accurate system of astrology. His predictions always amaze and his patience and insights are to be admired. If you want lessons in vedic astrology then this is a good site to visit.  brilliant vedic astrology site, lots of excellent info and readings for a variety of sites covering this infinite theme












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astrology doesn't cost the earth