astrology doesn't cost the earth
astrology doesn't cost the earth


                    Your Astrologer at Starsite is Tricia


Tricia is an expert astrologer, has read thousands of charts for over forty years, to people all over the world. You can be assured of complete confidentiality, an excellent quality, personal, expert astrology reading, and a highly professional service.


Personal astrology readings can be therapeutic, enlightening, upliftng and inspiring, and frequently amaze people learning how their planets at birth really do tell the story of their life. Treat yourself, a friend or partner to the best quality reading by Starsite's Tricia.


An astrology reading is not a tarot card or rune reading, it is based upon many mathematical calculations that an experienced and expert astrologer uses to set up your astrology chart for your time, place and date of birth. An proper chart reading covers more than just planets in signs, covering major areas of life as told by house placements and rulerships and other astrological factors an expert astrologer is skilful and reading. Anyone can read tarot cards but only a few people dedicated to the art and science of astrology are able to successfully read astrological charts accurately.

Currently due to major projects Tricia is unable to take on more clients until further notice.



Professsional personal readings only given over the phone or in a one to one situation. Read the ' rules page'  to find out why. I always only read charts to the person whose birth data I use to set up the chart


PERSONAL CONSULTATION: A personal reading of your life trends such as relationships, career and finances for those whose birth time is not known, OR an in depth personal analysis of the main areas of life--personality, family, wealth, career relationships etc. suitable for those who know their accurate time of birth by appointment. I prefer private one to one readings to ensure you get the benefit from learning how much astrology can reveal about the inner you, things you wouldn't want revealing to other people.


YEAR AHEAD: Make the most of star trends to gain control of your love, life, career, money etc....a personal analysis of the predictive trends for the year ahead. Please note these usually are for clients returning after already having their natal chart read by me.


CONTACT DETAILS:       (Not currently accepting new clients due to heavy workload)

Of course there are very many other services that regular or committed clients ask for such as :-




Travel trends, best time for a first date or for marriage, buying or selling a house,best time to ask your boss for a raise or promotion, best time to set off on a journey, best time to sell or buy, or move home, best time to enter a competition, best time to start a new course, best time for love, luck relationship and many more...........ask questions about this service and find out if we can help with any special life situation, using the form on the homepage.




Compatibility-- study of two people;  what effect will the relationship have on each other, and when would be a good time to get engaged or married? Perhaps the most sought after service for those trying to find if they are compatible with a new romantic partner. Also a good way of finding out how well colleagues work together.




Of course astrology can be used to find out the best times for getting married, going on a date, asking your boss for a rise, or promotion, getting a new job, or even for buying a new car or taking your car to the garage for repairs---honest, I use this last one all the time to ensure I get the best deal from my garage. Reports give a list of dates according to your choice and need and cost from as little as £10. Many clients return time and again for this service to ensure they make the best moves, at the right time for the most successful results in all areas of life.




The accuracy of your birth time-hours --minutes--even seconds--is supremely important in allowing an expert astrologer to give an accurate reading with timing of events.

While all work undertaken is skilfully completed and as accurate as the data worked with, you are still in control of your own destiny and of the way in which you apply the understanding you gain from having your chart read.





Has over forty years experience of professional sevice in teaching, training and lecturing, and reading horoscopes, in addition to producing and writing articles and features for a variety of media, including TV and radio.

Has supported BAVA,  the British Astrological Vedic Association, which promotes the understanding and use of vedic astrology throughout the west.

Has had several research and other features published in Saptarishi and Starteller magazines, and Gocara, the international journal of BAVA.

Is applying the art and science of weather prediction, or astro-meteorology using the valuable tool of astrology, the science of the planets, as referred to by Kepler and other ancient seers throughout the ages see forecasts at:-


Has been featured on TV, radio, in local and regional newspapers and both local and international magazines, and has produced by request fun sun sign readings for the local BBC website, various magazines and newspapers and media outlets and for broadcasts.
Since February 2005 Tricia has published her reading of the Leeds astrological chart on the BBC Leeds website which is a 'first' for any city in the world. Let us know if this record has been beaten in any way. Click on the following 'world' link to read this innovative reading of the chart of a city to find out how the planets can tell us about the destiny of a city as well as individuals:


Has a commitment to providing the best possible chart analysis you can afford, and a promise that your personal chart reading will be enriching, rewarding, engaging and empowering.


WHAT PEOPLE SAY (after a reading)

People from all over the world and from all backgrounds have benefitted from Tricia's astrological readings:-journalists, university professors, lecturers, IT specialists, chemists, air hostesses, doctors, executives, TV producer, to name just a few. So you can be assured that you will receive quality of service, and expert astro readings when in need of a personal consultation. Read some of the reactions to personal readings:-

 think I'm going to cry, no one ever has understood me the way you do.........I can't believe you can see all that in a chart.................Josh


Everything you predicted for the last year came true...................I couldn't believe it.........S.M


I didn't know you could read all that from a chart...............R.P


Not even my mother knows some of the things you told me....................P.J


You told my friend she would have a child within the year, last week she found out she was pregnant at the time of your reading, just like you said she was....................................P.W


I didn't believe it when I owned my own house at last.......just like you said I would............R.M


It's funny you should say I might go abroad in November.......I'm already making plans to go to Africa then.............Thom

I didn't think that I would go abroad this year, even though you said I would............I October when you told me I would.........................K.W






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astrology doesn't cost the earth