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A sample reading of Susan Boyle's chart using vedic astrology.

Susan stunned the whole of the UK when she sang on Britain's got Talent TV show. Susan Boyle was born on 1 April 1971 and the only time given out so far is 9:50 am BST in Blackburn Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

She has L1 in ninth and is very religious, going to the local church every Sunday and singing in the choir from an early age. Rahu in third house makes her the youngest, and she has 9 older siblings five girls four boys two of which have died.

Susan's mother died two years ago during Jupiter transit of third house from fourth, the house of mother's death, and this again confirms the time is correct.

Susan's chart is  also a lovely example of the power of a retro Venus at birth
manifesting musical ability which she will gain financially from due to
eleventh house occupation of Venus which aspects own house---fifth of
performing arts and fame. She also gains overseas fame due to L12 Venus being in eleventh house of gains,and Venus is ruler of fifth of  fifth fame (12th is overseas, eleventh gain, so gain of fame overseas) and all this at the time of current transit of Venus being retrograde ---- a karmic return?

I would attribute learning difficulties she had to L2 moon association with
L6 mars---a classic combination in charts of dyslexics especially.
The L3 in tenth gives a woman who can follow her own path of action and is self made. Usually self employed people have this connection in their chart.
Her pranadasa  on 11 April when the show went live on air for the
first time was Sa Me Mo Ju and Ketu ----Ketu pranadasa ruler being in
ninth house of fame..... Sat rules ninth, Merc L1 in ninth along with Ketu, while moon aspects tenth house, and SooksD ruler Jupiter L7 makes one take up work in public arena during it's time rulership.

Venus L5 in eleventh will make her older siblings treat her like the child of the family, the retro nature of Venus would seem to indicate harm to childbearing for her---no children. Notice natal vargottama Mars and on 21 April 2009, the time of her rise, transit Mars and Venus are in conjunction up above...................both of them kissing in passionate union in Susan's tenth house.

The ancient books tell us that the 'Gods' Mars and Venus had a daughter as a product of their union. The daughter, ironically, amazingly and inspiringly in light of this chart, was named Harmony.....beautiful and timely!

Susan's voice is so beautiful it can uplift the whole planet..............................and hopefully bring more harmony to it.



Venus is in the first house which it also owns and in many footballers charts it will always feature prominently. It rules perfumes and luxury items as well as artists, and in Vedic astrology it rules the ovaries/testicles and balls. Venus rules sixth house of competition which makes Beckham thrive in competitive sports, and with Mars aspecting ascendant and Venus from tenth house it adds that extra competitive edge, as well as a massive motivation to succeed and be seen as the leader and commander of the field---literally! Mars also aspects Mercury in first house, ruler of fifth house of leisure activity, skill and learning---with the ball/Venus and probably with sexual arts I might add. If we also look at the South Node, known as Ketu in Vedic astrology, this offers a flavour of discernment, talent and discrimination to the areas David studies and develops, hence his renowned skill with controlling the ball and gaining goals with the 'bend it like Beckham' unique talent.

There are many factors which give David the planetary support to rise above all others. There are many 'Raj Yogas' and others yogas which predict his success, but one of the most important ones is Moon in ninth house of good name and reputation, which gives him the ability to work hard but also brings him fortunate trends to support his aims.

Jupiter in eleventh house, the house of teamwork, groups and associate endeavour is well placed to ensure expansion of his networking projects throughout life. Jupiter is in Pisces, the sign of feet in Vedic astrology, so it is no surprise he gains an income from his renowned footwork.

Just out of interest and to demonstrate how astrology and the placement of planets can show differences, even though the ascendant may be the same, we can contrast Tony Blair's chart with the same Taurus ascendant, which also has this factor of Moon in ninth house. Unfortunately the Moon, mind and emotions are greatly harmed and disturbed in Tony's chart by the presence of the North Node/Rahu which thwarts many of his plans, bestows compulsive behaviour and Vedic pandits say will cause mental confusion. It is one of the significations that lead people with this combination to become  more drawn to the occult for advice than to adhere to more orthodox religious teachings. In David's chart however the less blemished Moon ensures a far smoother ride through the vicissitudes of life.

The second factor that aids David's rise above others in sport is the presence of a strong Jupiter in eleventh house which it also rules, and eleventh is house of gains, so he will always increasingly gain from endeavours connected to the field of sport, but also the field of entertainment. The exalted Sun in twelfth house gives strong overseas success also.


There are many yogas in his chart which give massive potential for fame which would have singled him out for his world renown from birth. His ruler Venus in own house of Taurus in first/ascendant is known as Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga and gives him his charm and good physique, his lips are perfectly formed (as predicted by ancient seers) and he's destined for fame and renown especially due to his learning and knowledge. Venus bestows an artistic sense due to the influence of the discernment bestowed by South Node-Ketu conjoining the asc ruler, and anyone with a strong Venus in quadrant, but especially in first house, would always adorn themselves well and enjoy wearing jewellery and other expensive items of beautification i.e. expensive designer clothes and accessories.

As already mentioned Jupiter, which rules entertainment is in eleventh and its own house, so is very strong, and as eleventh is house of gain/income, he can continue to command as much money as he chooses from lucrative contracts due to this influence. Media is ruled by third house and Moon, and as the Moon is aspecting its own third house it gives him massive potential to exploit the visual media particularly. This is why  his picture is always in the headlines and he profits from this due to ruler of eleventh of gains aspecting the third house. No wonder he is so closely allied to film, photographic media and the entertainment industry.
Don't forget he also has massive property ownership potential and the move to US is an advancement of his investment in this area. He has North node Rahu in seventh, house of business enterprise, so he can engage in many land and property deals which will consolidate his wealth for many years to come. Unique to Vedic astrology is the timing of events, and currently he is in a Rahu main--Mahadasa, which is the best time of all for him to focus on this kind of commercial career move. It's an excellent time for business deals connected to land and property affairs.

Finally, though not exhaustively, all his planets are above the horizon giving him a very public life, where most of his actions in this lifetime will be well known, well documented seen and visible. Due to these planets  being in fixed signs mostly (a Musala Yoga) he is destined to be proud, learned, wealthy and liked by those in positions of power, which always helps if you want those at the top to give you a lift up the ladder or league tables, and help with marketing you!


Saturn in LEO, OPPOSITION Mars in AQUARIUS   March 2007


Planets are always revolving and making aspects with each other and it is always interesting to see how celestial events coincide with terrestrial ones. This is how ancient astronomer/astrologers decoded astrological signatures to begin with.

 This year we have Saturn in Leo and in March it is opposed by Mars in Aquarius. Saturn in Leo occurs about every thirty years approximately and so would the Mars from Aquarius opposition.

Saturn in Leo can give hard work to those born in this sign and strengthen the will to succeed through disciplining creative expression and using form, method and structure to ensure that ideas and projects come to concrete expression. Leo rules governments, their leaders, royalty, the aristocracy and their administrative systems. Saturn also rules mines, underground or hidden places so no surprise that when this opposition occurred in 1947 on January 23rd we find out that the coal industry hit the headlines in England as this was the month it had been nationalised. Saturn also things such as slavery: no wonder Mansfield ruled in 1772 that there was no longer any legal basis for it.

With regards to ‘slavery’ or the realms of hard work and drudgery, at the time of writing this in anticipation of the opposition occurring in March, the unions are calling for a halt to the excessive overwork that burdens 29 million workers in Britain, the most overworked people in Europe. The TUC has designated February 23 ‘Work your proper hour’s day’ to draw to attention the fact that most employees put in unpaid hours totalling £23 billon a year. Slavery still exists in Britain today, even though at the time of the Saturn/Mars configuration in 1919 Britain legislated to adopt a 48 hour working week to stop exploitation of the workforce. What goes around comes around again!! Furthermore we are witnessing a huge growth of the slave industry in the guise of ‘people trafficking’ as illegal immigrants are forced into slavery with mafia type gangs taking control of the trafficking and exploiting the administrative flaws which allow them to avoid detection or accountability.

Mars on the other hand rules such things as hot objects, engineering and mechanical objects, speed, energy, weapons and wars, as well as new initiatives. In Aquarius the sign of electrical and air waves it can help inspire the development of new uses of these types of energy so no wonder during the Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo opposition of 1828 was the first light bulb founded, but also infra red light was discovered in the same configuration of 1800, and in that same year Voltaire also found the first battery usage.

In 1675  a Saturn opposition with Mars in signs Scorpio and Taurus, two wet signs,saw the discovery of the first pressure cooker, a good way of confining heat to help us eat better cooked food (Taurus rules what we eat). However, back to the opposition in the hot sign of Leo, and the discovery sign Aquarius in 1697, and a rare repeat shortly after in 1699 saw the emergence of the first steam pump. This an amazing leap in engineering invented by Thomas Savery between the two repeat cycles in 1698, which was rapidly followed by the appearance of the steam engine at the 1712 opposition. Again at the 1828 aspect, Neilson invented the blast furnace, radicalising the way steam could be produced and utilised, so that by another repeat pattern in 1830 Stephenson's steam locomotives were transforming and extending the use of railways to include passenger travel.

 Saturn is the coldest planet and Mars is hot energy. Saturn is in the hottest sign of Leo when these inventions occur, while Mars, the hottest planet, is in one of  the coldest signs Aquarius. When these hot and cold factors combine in a certain way steam is the result.

The blast furnace is excessively hot (Mar and Leo) but the furnace is confined and constrained in a methodical and carefully (Saturn)  original and inventive (Aquarius) way to utilise the potential of the energy this produces. In this we can see that there is a correlation between the celestial and the terrestrial. This is how and why astrology works, it's as simple as that.

 Other planets will have played there part in these events also, but these two are major players as Mars rules all forms of energy, while Saturn gives the diligence, method and restraining forces necessary to regulate such energies so that they can be useable resources. 

The sign Leo rules countries such as France, Northern Romania and Italy.*

 Aquarius rules countries such as Arabia, Prussia and Russia* to name just a few, so we can expect countries ruled by the two signs Aquarius and Leo to figure in historical events connected to the opposition in these signs between Saturn and Leo.

 In addition, during this opposition, both planets aspect Taurus, the sign which rules Persia (now Iraq) particularly, and Basra* specifically, as well as ruling Ireland and Poland. Notice how increasingly openly divided the city of Basra is becoming since the war started.

How do countries ruled or affected by the signs become influenced by this powerful opposition?

 Saturn tends to bring about effects slowly and methodically, while Mars prefers to work swiftly and immediately with speed. So the configuration in the sky is like watching the tortoise and the hare react against one another’s predisposition. Which one wins very much depends upon which other planets enter the race and makes favourable or unfavourable aspects to other planets, though interestingly under their influence at opposition in 1977 astronomers observed the rings around Uranus and  Chiron was discovered between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus rules Aquarius and is considered to be the planet of invention; yet it seems to take Saturn and Mar's energies to aid discovery such as in the year 1846 when their inteeracton coincided with the discovery of Neptune. 

 The Saturn in Leo Mars in Aquarius opposition is with us again March 22nd this year, for the first time since 1977, so it makes interesting reading to see what other areas of life might be  under its effect.

 A quick look at former years when this celestial pattern previously occurred shows that countries ruled by Aquarius, Leo or Taurus were  engaged in major wars which often lead to the partition of the countries they fought over. In 1681 Russia gained control of the Turkish Ukraine, and then in 1858 it gained the Amur region from China. By the time of the 1828 opposition Russia was at war with Turkey again.

 Russia has had many headlines this past year most noticeably over the Litvenenko assassination which still hasn’t been solved at the time of writing. While Mars is in its ruling sign of Aquarius there will undoubtedly continue to be a bad press for this country, especially for its government which undoubtedly will come under increasing pressure as spring arrives. Russia’s gas resources, piped underground and ruled by Saturn, give the country a manipulative tool to wield over neighbouring countries in the race for supreme power and this is likely to erupt into something more serious in the coming months as it curries favour with various countries vying for use of its reserves.

 Poland, ruled by Taurus, features largely as stressful landmarks of its history are unfolded during the years of Saturn and Mars fighting each other and aspecting its sign. In 1830 this country hosted a massive rebellion subsequently crushed by Russia, and then in 1772 it was split and shared between Russia, Prussia and Austria, the countries ruled by Aquarius.

 France also features but not as a country at war during this configuration interestingly, but as the country involved in peace mongering! In 1919 we saw the treaty of Versailles, and it held the peace conference in Paris and saw the founding of The League of Nations, then in 1947 the Allied Peace treaty was signed in Paris by Italy, Roumania, Hungary Bulgaria and Finland. It does see a revolution in 1830 however, when Charles X was overthrown and Lois Philippe, the descendant of Lois X111 the ‘Citizen King’, was installed on the throne. It did participate in a battle during the 1800 planetary pattern when it defeated the Austrians.

 ‘Peace' Mongering coincides as often as warmongering probably due to Saturn’s restraining influence on Mars, planet of war and weapons, and so does gaining independence (Mars) from tyranny (Saturn). 

In 1919 Germany was made to pay compensation to its allies in the fist world war, and Austria was forced to acknowledge the independence of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and Hungary. In 1830 Greece also became an independent country and at the opposition of 1947 Burma celebrated its own and so did the United States of Indonesia while in the same year 1830, Belgium revolted against Dutch rule.

Again in 1919 Gandhi started his campaign of passive resistance to British rule which was coincidentally established under Crown Rule in 1858 the year of a repeat of this configuration. Gandhi of course probably had the benefit of astrological advice from veteran stargazers who knew how to make best use of astrology for such purposes. It isn’t until the 1947 configuration that India gained its independence, but in similar mode to the effect of these two planets on Poland it was also partitioned and became Pakistan and India, though it did keep hold of Kashmir. Such is the cutting edge and often divisive nature of Mars.

 In 1977 President Begin of Israel returned Sadat’s visit in order to continue negotiations for peace in the region, which sadly we saw disrupted more recently, though perhaps the opposition this year can resuscitate some new kind of hope for Israel. In 1947 Palestine was split into Arab and Jewish states though clearly tension over this attempt at peace still simmers in many Arab countries.

 Like Poland, Ireland is also ruled by Taurus and the planetary combination can be traced to coincide with major revolutionary developments on the timeline of this small but hugely important country. In 1800 Ireland and Great Britain formed a Parliamentary union, soon to be challenged at the return of the cycle in 1858 when the Fenian Society was formed by Irish immigrants in the USA. By the return cycle of  1919 Sinn Fein lead a rebellion against British rule and Irish M.P’s meet as Dail Eirann. Mars is the biggest culprit when it comes to rebelling, so how appropriate that this rebellion forms at no less than three of these Mars cycles with Saturn the great taskmaster and in Leo, it is the influence which challenges those in power to take greater care of administering the power they wield. This year as the cycle comes around again, we await the unification of those elected to the newly developed Irish Parliament in the hope that history sees progress towards greater peace and prosperity for this greatly loved but sadly divided and war torn country.

 Whilst on the subject of movements which object to and rebel against the status quo we also saw Benito Mussolini start the Fascist movement in Italy in 1919, at the same time as   a communist uprising in Berlin. Currently there is a huge undercurrent of resurgence of these types of movements throughout Europe and undoubtedly, even though the powers that be would like to think their elected status allows them to oppress and legislate against such groups and quell their uprisings, the planetary return of this relationship between Saturn and Mars will tell a different story. Already as I write this Spain has been rocked once more by a huge explosion delivered by ETA who, like the fascists and Sinn Fein, refuse to have their beliefs and convictions quelled by governments whose ultimate rule they challenge. As long as these two planets revolve there will always be revolutionary tendencies, organisations and groups who intend to challenge the powers that be.

 England, though ruled by Aires, has had significant government watersheds under the influence of these two planets working against each other. The Saturn in Leo combination affects all government administrative systems. In 1653 Cromwell helped overthrow King Charles to become the Lord Protector of England; in 1681 Charles 11 dissolved Parliament, then the country went to war with Spain under the 1742 formation... Incidentally in 1828 Cromwell came in the guise of Don Miguel who also carried out a successful overthrow of Portugal’s government.

On a more humorous note King William 1V became King of Britain in 1837, will Prince William become ‘King of UK Hearts’ in 2007 when he announces his engagement to Kate?

 One event in 1977 might prove ominous this year as we see a shift in power at government level, and that was the Lib-Lab pact which developed as a strategy to overthrow the conservatives in power. Will we see a Lib-Con pact forming this year as a further blow to the already floundering New Labour government? It does seem likely that there will be changes to Liberal leadership, will Menzies change or be exchanged for someone new, or take the Libs in a new direction as he forms a pact with another party altogether. I don’t know I haven’t got his chart to be able to read that far unfortunately…….

 What does emerge while looking at these celestial links with terrestrial events in the UK is how frequently major Acts of Parliament relating to religious tolerance were introduced. All the more amazing as the UK is even now anticipating yet another 'Act ' which will further take away freedoms established in the Magna Carta and other subsequent constitutional laws. The Sexual Orientation Regulations are due to come into effect in April this year just after the 22nd March exact Mars in Leo opposite Saturn occurs this year. Already Jewish, Muslim Catholic and Christian groups are preparing to join together to protest at the implications for members of their faith whose religious doctrines are in  direct controversy with everything this Act will be promoting. Religious groups feel they are becoming the minority being oppressed and discriminated against by this new regulation, and secularism takes a new ascendancy as spiritual law is superseded, even oppressed, by temporal law. An appropriate image aptly manifesting the effect of Saturn the great oppressor, in the sign of worship-- Leo.

 In previous years of the same planetary combination we saw the last trial of a witch Jane Wenham, under the Toleration Act of 1712. This Act brought great relief to non Anglicans who were being refused employment and other rights due to their religious beliefs and practices.  By 1828 the tolerance was extended to further legislation which gave non Anglicans even greater rights than before including the right to hold public office, though one unlucky man, O Connell, was refused entry to the House of Commons on the grounds that he was Catholic. Apparently only many months ago Tony Blair had to be educated about the ’Catholic questions’ which have been the major source of riots and rebellions in England’s history. There are many major changes of leadership protocols connected to the Catholic Church under this configuration of Saturn and Mars but there isn’t enough time to explore these further in this brief tour of Saturn opposite Mars events.

 In 1888 local government was restructured and throughout England we saw county councils established and the demise and disappearance of small but formerly powerful Parish Councils borne of a long English tradition related to Anglican rule. By 1919 things had changed so much that even women were allowed to sit in the House of Commons, much to the alarm of a multitude of men terrified that the world---especially Britain-- would never be the same again. How horrifying that must have been for those poor male creatures! How liberating for women though.

 Leo also rules worship which is why legislation affecting this topic can be seen to be a prominent issue at government level during Saturn’s stay in that sign. Just to add to an awareness of Saturn’s hidden or secretive nature we witnessed the finding of the all important Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden in a cave in 1947, whose contents proved as challenging as Mars can be to those teaching the Christian faith in particular, but it also radically affected other related faiths. 

 Finally, though there are many more events too numerous to include in this little exploration, many are alarmed at the decision to expand the U.K's nuclear power industry which is sure to happen this year, and yet it was just after the war in 1947 when Mars and Saturn destined that the first British nuclear reactor be developed to ensure the safety of these islands. We have a repeat of the same cycle certainly but the same attitude of acceptance of a need to protect the nation is not being adopted across the electorate.

 On a lighter note, and as perhaps the most striking manifestation of the Saturn influence on Mars, in 1977 laws were passed to limit---the domain of Saturn, the speed--- the domain of Mars--- that vehicles can drive on the roads. Fortunately I doubt speed limits will be lowered any further this year as there are so many cars that travelling at speed is now becoming an impossible task. Instead we travel in long lingering dreary restricting queues—Saturn wins this one.

 * Rulership of towns and countries is taken from 19 century works such as Raphael's  Mundane Astrology and C E O Carter's Mundane Astrology. Although cities and countries have new political charts for this century, this research as featured above covers over a millennia of events, not just political, which occurred before modern day charts for newly formed governments of countries and cities were established. These 'old' established rulerships used for reference for this research can clearly be seen to still obtain due to the ongoing coincidence of events, as singled out in this article and by history itself.

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